• International SharQui Workout Weekend 2022

    Join Oreet, Founder of SharQui - The Bellydance Workout, for the workout choreography she taught during International SharQui Workout Weekend 2022. This quick workout features gooey mayas, sharp accents, and lots of across the floor movements to get your heart rate up! Appropriate for all levels....

  • Xtaza: Choreography for Performance or Fitness

    Learn a fun and upbeat choreography to "Xtaza," SharQui's song inspired by late-night parties at Mediterranean beachside cafes.

    This unique choreography is suited to either performance or fitness. Oreet breaks down the moves and builds up the choreo in SharQui style, giving you a fantastic work...

  • Classic DVD: SharQui - The Bellydance Workout Level 2

    Level 2 kicks it up with longer sequences for muscle stamina, arms and hands for coordination and speed for strength. This is guranteed to take you to the next level.

  • Getting Jazzy: Intermediate SharQui

    Now it's time to jazz it up with turns, pivots, and jazzy cha-chas.

  • Intricate Intensity: Intermediate SharQui

    This is the time sculpt your dance and your muscles. Oreet introduces more intricate moves while increasing the intensity.