• International SharQui Workout Weekend 2022

    Join Oreet, Founder of SharQui - The Bellydance Workout, for the workout choreography she taught during International SharQui Workout Weekend 2022. This quick workout features gooey mayas, sharp accents, and lots of across the floor movements to get your heart rate up! Appropriate for all levels....

  • Chest Lifts and Flips: Beginner SharQui

    Let's take this up a notch by adding different textures to the moves you already know.

  • Saidi and Circles: Beginner SharQui

    Let's folk it up with with a new move from Saidi style of bellydance and traveling circles. This one is sure to get your heart rate up.

  • International SharQui Workout Day: Beginner SharQui

    Come learn this fun routine that was danced globally for International SharQui Workout Day 2018.

  • Build on the Basics: Beginner SharQui

    This beginner workout expands on what you’ve learned in Beginner SharQui: Posture and Foundations. We'll cover simple layers and a new move or two. You’ll be shaking your beauty from the start!

  • Posture and Fundamentals: Beginner SharQui

    Start off your SharQui journey on the right hip with correct posture and foundational movements. In this easy to follow routine, Oreet links the foundational moves seamlessly so that you can focus more on getting your heart pumping and having fun.

  • Classic DVD: SharQui - the Bellydance Workout Level 1

    Shake your Beauty with this revolutionary bellydance fitness format that burns more than 350 calories in 1 hour. SharQui’s unique breakdown and repetition-inspired method provides an enjoyable, easy-to-follow workout for women and men of any size, shape or skill level. You will feel beautiful and...