Advanced Beginner

  • International SharQui Workout Weekend 2022

    Join Oreet, Founder of SharQui - The Bellydance Workout, for the workout choreography she taught during International SharQui Workout Weekend 2022. This quick workout features gooey mayas, sharp accents, and lots of across the floor movements to get your heart rate up! Appropriate for all levels....

  • 45 Min Game Changer: Advanced Beginner SharQui

    Now that you know the basics, let's challenge you with an extra 15 minutes. Longer duration can just be the trick you need to for quicker results.

  • 3 Wishes Dance Party: Advanced Beginner SharQui

    A super fun routine paying homage to the movie, Aladdin. Specially choreographed for International SharQui Workout Weekend 2019.

  • Bellydance Pop: Advanced Beginner SharQui

    In this video, we'll take bellydance moves and stylize it with a club feel. By the end you'll feel like you're dancing in the club!

  • Furthering Footwork: Advanced Beginner SharQui

    In this next advanced beginner video Oreet introduces turns with basic moves, directional changes, and faster footwork. This is sure to prep you for longer workouts and intermediate level workouts!

  • Kick Up the Pace: Advanced Beginner SharQui

    Now that you’ve danced through the beginner library, this advanced beginner video kicks up the pace a bit while expanding on the moves you already know. You’ll feel your entire body getting stronger as you build your skills.