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SharQui – The Bellydance Workout is a program that utilizes your entire body through dance and movement to create a heart-healthy, energy-boosting experience that you can do anywhere, on your own time.


You can use SharQui TV to supplement an in-person SharQui class, or on its own at home. It’s available to stream on all your devices, so you have an entire fitness regimen at your fingertips. This workout is for everyone! You’ll learn real bellydance routines while you get fit.


With our Movement Library, you’ll start off on the right hip with Oreet, the founder of SharQui. She’ll start your journey by showing you the correct postures and foundational movements.


The Beginner Workout expands on what you’ve learned and shows you how to link the individual moves you practice into a complete routine. You’ll be shaking your beauty from the start!


As you dance through the library, you’ll learn more with Intermediate Workouts that kick up the pace, introducing new moves and increased intensity. You’ll feel your entire body getting stronger as you build your skills.


Advanced Workouts will bring everything you’ve learned together while helping you polish your routine. Oreet will show you intricate moves that sculpt your dance and your muscles.


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